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Beverse Health

Beverse Health is a dedicated organization that aims to address the deficiencies in the Indian healthcare education system. Our primary objective is to bridge the gap between traditional education and the dynamic demands of the industry. We understand the importance of assisting graduates in identifying their core skills and providing them with specialized training to equip them with industry-ready competencies.

Who is our audience?


Lab Technologists






Speech Therapists



Many more are

on the way

Worried about your profession is not listed here? Don't worry. Talk to us today.

What Our Happy Clients Say


"Thank you for your invaluable assistance throughout my HCPC registration journey.  Without your help, I would not have been able to achieve this milestone. I truly appreciate your time, effort, and dedication towards my HCPC registration."

Neil Issac, UK

“I would like to inform you that after a long process of registration cycle Iam entitle for the HCPC registration . Thanks to you for the help of my registration journey.”

Shibina, UAE

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“I cannot thank you enough for your unwavering assistance and expertise throughout the registration process. Your patience and dedication helped me navigate the complexities of the registration process, and I truly appreciate it.”

Rohan, India

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