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What is HCPC?

The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), is a statutory regulator for 15 health and care professions in the United Kingdom. If you are a Healthcare Professional seeking employment in the UK, it is necessary to undergo HCPC registration process. The route of your application depends on whether you completed your training within the UK or internationally.

Who can benefit from this?

Biomedical scientists (Lab Technologist)
Operating department practitioners
Operating department practitioners provide individualised care and skilled support alongside medical and nursing colleagues during the anaesthetic, surgical and recovery phases of a surgical procedure.
Occupational therapists
An occupational therapist uses specific activities to limit the effects of disability and promote independence in all aspects of daily life.
Therapeutic radiographers plan and deliver treatment using radiation. Diagnostic radiographers produce and interpret high-quality images of the body to diagnose injuries and diseases.
Physiotherapists deal with human function and movement, and help people to achieve their full physical potential. They use physical approaches to promote, maintain and restore wellbeing.
Arts therapists
An arts therapist is a psychological therapist who has arts-based experience and training in psychological interventions using drama, music or art as their primary mode of communication.
Clinical scientists
A clinical scientist oversees specialist tests for diagnosing and managing disease. They advise doctors on tests and interpreting data, and carry out research to understand diseases.
A dietitian uses the science of nutrition to create eating plans for patients to treat medical conditions. They promote good health by helping to facilitate a positive change in food choices.
Paramedics provide specialist care and treatment to patients who are either acutely ill or injured. They can administer a range of drugs and carry out certain surgical techniques.
Practitioner psychologists
Psychology is the scientific study of people, the mind and behaviour. Psychologists attempt to understand the role of mental functions in individual and social behaviour.
Chiropodists / podiatrists
A chiropodist / podiatrist diagnoses and treats disorders, diseases and deformities of the feet.
Speech and language therapists
A speech and language therapist assesses, treats and helps to prevent speech, language and swallowing difficulties.
Hearing aid dispensers
Hearing aid dispensers work in private practice to assess, fit and provide aftercare for hearing aids.
An orthoptist specialises in diagnosing and treating visual problems involving eye movement and alignment.
Prosthetists / orthotists
Prosthetists / orthotists supply prostheses and orthoses to patients. A prosthesis is a device that replaces a missing body part. An orthosis is fitted to an existing body part.

Meet the Mentor

Brinchu Kunjumon
Founder & CEO - Beverse Health

Brinchu Kunjumon is a seasoned healthcare professional with a decade of experience across clinical, operations, sales & marketing, business management, and consulting domains. Since 2016, he has been passionately mentoring healthcare professionals, expertly guiding them towards lucrative opportunities within the healthcare industry.

What you'll Learn?

📝 Fundamentals of HCPC Registration: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the HCPC registration process, breaking down each step for clarity.

📝 Understanding Standard of Proficiency: Decode the essential standards required for successful registration, ensuring a strong foundation.

📝 Mastering Scrutiny Application Preparation: Learn expert strategies to prepare and optimize your scrutiny application for higher success rates.

📝 Course Information Form (CIF) Preparation: Develop skills to craft an impressive CIF that highlights your qualifications effectively.

📝 Insider Tips for HCPC Submission: Discover exclusive insights to enhance your submission, standing out among applicants.

📝 Understanding HCPC Evaluation: Explore how HCPC evaluates applications and how to align yours for a favorable assessment.

📝 Securing Registration Invitation: Learn the critical steps to secure an invitation for registration, marking a significant milestone in your professional journey.

📝 Insights into Securing Jobs: Gain valuable knowledge about how a successful HCPC registration can impact and enhance your career prospects, opening doors to job opportunities in your field.


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