If you are an internationally qualified healthcare professional seeking registration with CORU in Ireland, you need to first have your qualifications recognised by CORU and then proceed with the registration process.

Before you begin the application process, check to ensure that your qualifications meet the preliminary requirements.



Timeline: 4-6 months*
Fee: €410* (~Rs. 38,000)


  1. Prepare Application Online.
  2. Download Verification Documents.
  3. Document attestation & verification from the University & employer.
  4. Email the attested documents to CORU from the University & employer.
  5. Upload all the attested documents to your online application.
  6. Submit your application and Pay recognition fee.


  1. Once CORU receives your application and documents, the recognition assessment commences.
  2. If any additional information needed will be communicated directly to you via email.
  3. After completing the recognition assessment, CORU issues a Decision Letter (DL).

Curious to know if your qualifications are a good fit?



Timeline: 4-6 months*
Fee: €100* (~Rs. 9,000)


  1. After receiving CORU recognition, prepare your registration application.
  2. Submit it and pay the registration fee.
  3. Download verification documents.
  4. Document attestation by Notary Public.
  5. Email the attested documents to CORU within 30 days of submitting the application.


  1. Upon receiving your application and documents, CORU initiates the registration assessment.
  2. Any additional information required will be communicated directly to you.
  3. Upon completion, CORU will issue the registration Decision Letter, including your registration number if successful.

Curious to know if your qualifications are a good fit?



  • How to start with the application?
  • Fear of missing out on critical steps or information?
  • Not understanding the process?
  • Doesn't have time to look after application preparation?

Don't worry. Here is the solution.

CORU ProGuidance

Timeline: 01 month*

CORU ProGuidance is a comprehensive mentorship program designed by Beverse Health to assist you in preparing your application and obtaining registration with CORU in Ireland.

What we offer?

Prepare Online Application

Our team of expert will prepare your online application using the documents you submit.

Personalized Support

We handle each candidate separately and provide clear, step-by-step guidance on how to commence and navigate the CORU application in each step.

Subject Matter Expert level Support

Your application will be prepared by our CORU registration experts, who have a successful track record, in accordance with the standard proficiency requirements of CORU.

Clear Explanation of the Process

Our program breaks down each step, offering clarity and understanding.

Support to Respond to Queries

We will carefully study any queries from CORU and provide the best possible solutions to address them.

What we do?

  • Expert advice and comprehensive mentorship
  • Document Review
  • Application Preparation
  • Application Submission
  • Guidance on CORU queries

What we don't do?

  • Document Attestation/Verification
  • Manipulation of Documents
  • Direct Job Offers
  • Fake Promises

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